18 Monogram DIYs

18_Monograms_DIYsMonogram is one of the fastest and newest spreading trends in 2015. All these DIYs are so easy to create and will more than likely be an easy afternoon craft. These will look so great and are sure worth the time! These crafts range from teen crafts to adult crafts. No matter your age, you will be sure to find the right monogram DIY for you!

1. Large Monogram Cutout


2. Nautical Monogram Art


3. DIY Monogrammed Tumbler


4. Monogrammed Outdoor Sign


5. Monogrammed Charger


6. Altered Monogram Book


7. DIY Layered Burlap Monogram


8. DIY Aztec Monogram


9. DIY Flower Letters


10. Monogram Jewelry Tray


11. DIY Laptop Decal


12. DIY Burlap Monogram Table Runner


13. Converse Chuck Taylors Monogram


14. DIY Monogram Tote Bag


15. Monogrammed Water Bottle


16. Floral Monogram


17. Monogram Planter


18. Paint Monogram Storage


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