6 Ways To Create DIY Shoes


Hey everyone! I saw this really cool campaign called, Trick Your Kicks with Tulip on Youtube this week. They have such inspiring videos and ideas that I just had to share with you all today. These are incredible DIY Shoes projects. You can really create so many different looks with the Tulip Fabric Markers. Check out all these awesome videos from all the Creators.

1. Heart Doodles

2. Bow and DreamCatcher

3. FreeStyle Shoes

4. DIY Subtle Rainbow Sneakers

5. Mermaid Shoe Design with Fabric Markers

6. DIY Chevron Shoes

I hope you enjoyed these DIY Shoes videos! They were so much fun for me to watch and I know that you all will enjoy them too. These are great Teen Crafts and you can create these with canvas shoes + Tulip Fabric Markers!

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