Simple Christmas Cork DIY- Room decor!


Welcome to the Third Annual Handmade Holidays blog hop!! The best crafters, designers, and makers have come together to create and share  a series of thoughtful, handmade gifts for the holidays during this 3 day blog hop. Our goal is to inspire you to create something from the heart this holiday season as well as share how to use our products in fun, innovative ways. We intend this hop to serve as a resource to you for this holiday season and for years to come.

I am so excited to be part of day #3 of this fantastic hop! I will be sharing a Room Decor DIY for all you teens and its okay if you make it and your older. It’s a really fun craft.

First pull out your Fantastic Big Shot. I love mine and they have the best dies as well! Today I am using this Flower and Leaf die. I ran the die 3 times with 3 colors, two shades of red, and green. I took the top part of the flower in green, which would of got threw away and embossed it with White powder!

photo 1

After you piece it together, it should look something like this.

photo 2

Now you will want to take a simple piece of cork, any size you feel will work is fine. I believe mine is 12×12. I like this size! I’m also working with Shape Tape by FrogTape! It is new and I love it. I actually used it in another project over on A Little Craft In Your Day. The shape tape comes in all different patterns, but I am using the chevron pattern. I placed two lines of the Shape Tape onto the cork and then placed a regular piece of Painters tape at the top. I really didn’t want to do the whole Cork a chevron pattern. I then applied a nice christmas red color of paint with a foam brush- it worked great!

photo 3


You are DONE! How easy was that? I know I enjoyed making it, I hope you enjoyed reading. If you try it let me know- Tweet me or tag me on Instagram, @Tannerbell1023! I can’t wait to see.

photo 4

Are you ready for a GIVEAWAY?? I am super excited to bring this to you guys. 🙂 Just follow this Rafflecopter! It’s easy 🙂

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Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to continue this hop by stopping over at Jennifer Priest’s blog.

If you are lost, here is the full list of every blog participating  :
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Jen Goode
Kathy Cano-Murillo
Tanner Bell
Jennifer Priest
Jen Cushman
Adrienne Ford
Joanne Fink
Vicki O’Dell
Liz Hicks
Denise Hahn
Courtney Chambers
Tami Mayberry
Norma Rapko
Cheryl Waters


  1. What a great idea for a corkboard!!! I love this and might do something similar – I think I may divide it into sections for each of my kids – thank you for the inspiration!!!!

  2. What a great idea! I have never heard of the shape tape but will be googling it and getting my hands on some asap! It is so nice to see teens involved in the craft world!! Thanks for the inspiration and for introducing me to shape tape!

  3. I love discovering new blogs (new for me) from the Holiday Blog hop. I pinned this one to share with my granddaughter. She’s a crafty teen also. Great ideas.

  4. I need to find some of that shape tape. I have been wanting to do something new to do to my cork boards. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I need to find some of that shape tape. I have been wanting to do something new with my cork boards. Thanks for the inspiration.

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